How do I use this method ?

It's as simple as that!

Simple Awareness®  Method (S.A.M.)           

1. STOP before making a choice or decision.
2. BREATHE, take a good deep breath and exhale.
3. ASK: “What do I need to know, in this moment?"     4. CHOOSE consciously and deliberately.

Practice Simple Awareness!

The Simple Awareness® Method is a simple four-step process using the awareness icon as a visual trigger which reminds us before taking any action to:

​​Can you imagine

a safer, saner, more joyful life? 

Rebecca Joy, retired firefighter/engineer, creator of the Simple Awareness® Method, social entrepreneur, speaker and author.

The Simple Awareness Method® (S.A.M.) was created and inspired by Rebecca Joy, a retired Phoenix firefighter serving more than 28 years in the fire service.

S.A.M. is a simple & practical method which

inspires and encourages conscious behavioral change

and better decision-making — in an instant

"Even though I've "retired" from responding to emergencies and fighting fires — it’s my intention to continue to save and preserve lives, prevent harm, promote compassion and effect positive behavioral change. Individually, via your home, work or school, and as a collective, we can practice and share the Simple Awareness® Method creating an effective and prevalent Movement touching and enhancing our own lives, our community, as well internationally."  

— Rebecca Joy