Simple Awareness®  Method (S.A.M.)           

​​Can you imagine

a safer, saner, more joyful life? 

Practice Simple Awareness!


— Rebecca Joy

Be the hero in your own life.

​The life you save may be your own.

Meet Rebecca Joy

​Rebecca, in 1983, was one of the first groups of women hired by the Phoenix Fire Department. She worked as a reserve for Rural Metro Fire Department in Sun City prior to be hired by Phoenix. In 1990, Rebecca promoted to Engineer and served in the fire service for over 28 years until her retirement in 2009.

Although Rebecca is now retired as a first responder, she continues to save lives and effect positive change in a different capacity — by sharing a profound, practical and life changing message on mindfulness and conscious living via speaking and the creation of the Simple Awareness® Method (S.A.M.). S.A.M. was inspired after witnessing the mostly unnecessary tragic outcomes over the many years as a firefighter and EMT. 

Rebecca is a social entrepreneur, speaker and also co-author of Classic Tales from the Firehouse: Firefighters’ Stories of Calamity, Courage, and Caring. A collection of stories from her peers on their adventures of being a firefighter. With over 28 years in the fire industry, Joy witnessed and heard tales from everyday heroes that live on to educate and as an inspiration to others.  For more information or to purchase copies of Classic Tales - click here.

She grew up in west Phoenix with her five older siblings and proud to be a 5th generation native of Arizona. Rebecca is a graduate of the Tempe Leadership program and is on the board of the Tempe Historical Preservation Foundation. Having raised her two boys in the south Tempe area for over 18 years, her oldest son, Damien graduated from ASU with a degree in French and her youngest son Jesse, continues the fire service tradition as a Phoenix firefighter.​​​