​​Can you imagine

a safer, saner, more joyful life? 

Practice Simple Awareness!


Simple Awareness® is for those who wish to effect positive outcomes for their safety, health and wellness, relationships, finances, school, career — in short, your entire life.

1. STOP before making a choice or decision.
2. BREATHE, take a good deep breath and exhale.
3. ASK: “What do I need to know, in this moment?" 

4. CHOOSE consciously and deliberately.

                                About S.A.M.
Discover an easy 4-step method which will help save or change your life in a instant. Used every day as a routine practice, this simple method not only helps reduce tragic outcomes, but reduces stress and overwhelm and helps you be more present in each moment, resulting in better decision-making and healthier life choices.

Powerful, practical, and self-directed, the Simple Awareness® Method (S.A.M.) is triggered by a simple icon which inspires the user to be more present and make conscious, deliberate decisions. This practice instantly creates positive behavioral change, resulting in a healthier, safer, happier life.

In a nutshell, the SAM icon is a visual trigger, a reminder to take a moment, breathe and be more conscious in your daily life. When we are mindful of our thoughts, feelings, words, actions and surroundings we make mindful choices, affecting positive outcomes to our safety, health, relationships, finances, school and career.

​The Simple Awareness® Method is designed to integrate mindfulness and trigger greater awareness. The user is reminded to be more  present throughout the day, resulting in better decision-making and decreasing everyday stress, anxiety, injury, and even death.

The Simple Awareness icon triggers an instant awareness of ourselves and our surroundings, allows for a moment of clarity, and helps prevent distractions. Choosing from the myriad options we face can be overwhelming — S.A.M.’s guidance makes life a little easier. By simply stopping, taking a breath, and asking a question, we can potentially change the outcome of tragic situations, now and those that can potentially effect us in the future. It's your choice.

Simple Awareness®  Method (S.A.M.)