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Rebecca Joy, a retired veteran firefighter, shares a unique insight and perspective to life and living after being a first responder for more than a quarter century.  She’s a nature storyteller who will inspired your audience with real life experiences of pain, fear, courage and success. 

She shares practical awareness tips and practices your audience can use daily assisting them to be more deliberate in action, enhance their decision-making skills and increase mindfulness resulting in a more balanced life in regards to their school, work, business*, investments, health and wellness and relationships . . . in short, all aspects of their life. 

*In this presentation you’ll discover practical and effective practices which will help small businesses, corporations, energy industries and health care providers save lives, save money, reduce cost, improve customer service, and lessen the effects of stress and overwhelm.

Rebecca presents to groups of any size and happy to adjust and customize her talk to your business, company, non-profit, specific industry or situation to meet the needs of your group. Her speaking style is engaging, casual, practical and meaningful. She’s an ideal presenter for your lunch & learn, an association meeting, or for the staff of your company. Also, available to do a keynote at your conference or public event.

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